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Patrick Alcedo

BA (University of the Philippines, Diliman), PhD (UC Riverside)

Associate Professor, Department of Dance
Director, Graduate Programs in Dance (MA, PhD)

Dr. Alcedo is a specialist in Philippine dance. His research explores the intimate but paradoxical relationship between folk festival production and notions of cultural authenticity: the attempt to preserve traditional, communal expressions of cultural heritage that must simultaneously negotiate and adapt to the forces of modernity. The focus of his work is the Ati-atihan, a street dance festival that is celebrated in his hometown of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines and by Filipino diasporic communities in the US and Canada.

Professor Alcedo’s publications include “Sacred Camp: Transgendering Faith in a Philippine Festival” (Journal of Southeast Asian Studies February 2007).  His research on the socio-economic conditions of aspiring boxers in the province of Aklan, Philippines resulted in Boxing To Be The Next Pacquiao, a video project he produced with the New York Times.  He is also the producer and director of the multimedia project, Ati-atihan: Mother of Philippine Festival (InTensions) and of the forthcoming full-length documentary film, Ati-atihan Lives. He is currently writing a book about the Ati-atihan festival that foregrounds the centrality of the dancing body in making sense of a people’s embodiment of faith, construction of authenticity, and mimesis of elements circulated by the forces of colonialism and globalization.

A former member of the Filipiniana Dance Group, Patrick Alcedo has participated in folk dance festivals in the Philippines, France and Germany. He is also a practitioner of western Baroque dance and has given lecture demonstrations and dance performances for early music.

Dr. Alcedo has received numerous research awards for his work including the Asian Cultural Council’s Ford Foundation Grant, a Pacific Rim Research Grant, and the inaugural postdoctoral fellowship of UC Riverside’s Southeast Asian Text, Ritual and Performance Program (SEATRiP). In 2007 he held a residency as a Rockefeller Humanities Fellow in “Theorizing Cultural Heritage” at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. He is on the board of the international Congress on Research in Dance and is the co-chair of its Awards Committee.

Professor Alcedo joined the faculty in York University’s Department of Dance in 2008.

Areas of Research and Academic Specialty: Dance Ethnography; Philippine dance.

"Sacred Camp: Transgendering Faith in a Philippine Festival” February 2007.
Published: Cambridge University Press. Citation: Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (February 2007), 38 (1), pg. 107-132
ISSN: 0022-4634. Date: 2007-02