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Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a myriad of scholarships, awards and bursaries to support our students during their studies.

Department vs. Pan-Faculty Awards
Some awards are available to all Faculty of Fine Arts students while others are department-specific.  Please check the criteria in the award descriptions carefully before submitting an application.

Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund
All awards with OSOTF (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund) criteria require completion of residency information which requires students to have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency or protected persons status and Ontario residency. 

Fine Arts awards - Fall 2013

Students are encouraged to apply for all awards for which they are eligible. Eligibility requirements for each award are listed in the award descriptions.

Many awards require demonstration of financial need, which is done via the Student Financial Profile. See how to apply for details.

Successful award applicants will see the funds applied to their student accounts, as per University policy. Award recipients receive a letter of congratulations from the Chair of the Faculty of Fine Arts Awards Committee.